Please note: Due Covid-19 all classes
will be held online via Zoom until further notice.

(NOTE: All classes online with Zoom)

Address 1701 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley 94702 • Phone (510) 644.6130 • Fax (510) 644-6784
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Create Marketing Media Fall 2020 10 Mtgs (Term 2) $25
Prerequisite: Good computer skills.
Using online resources and professional templates, create media to promote yourself, your company, or a personal project. Using social media like Instagram, 10-second videos on YouTube, presentations, info-graphics, and much more, we will create original content to attract your target audience. Questions:
Term 2: (class no longer available)

(NOTE: All classes online with Zoom)

Address 5625 Sutter Ave, Richmond, CA 94804 • Phone (510) 231-1453, extension 0
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Presenting Yourself Online • 3 Saturdays • $37

Does having a Zoom meeting or doing a live online (or in-person) presentation make you nervous? We will discuss how to prepare your content, your set-up options, what to wear, lighting, mics, cameras, speech prep and rehearsal, screen recording options, your presentation environment, and other choices that can make or break your event.
Spring 2021 term: 3 Saturdays, 10am-12pm, April 17 - May 1

Digital Portolios the Easy Way • 4 Fridays • $49

Explore digital portfolio options. For artists, photographers, & small business owners. Prepare images with online resources, create an account, choose a design, and upload images to your live online portfolio. Gather 10-15 of your own images, or download our images to practice. Discuss domain names and selling online. Questions:
Spring 2021 term: 4 Fridays, 10am-12pm, April 23 - May 14

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