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The Future of Creativity and Design: (Adobe's description of the 2016 MAX keynotes)
Adobe is passionate about empowering the creative community to push boundaries through technology. We are constantly looking around the corner — to stay on top of the latest innovations and to build them into our tools — all of which helps kick-start the creative process so you can spend your time doing great work. In this keynote, we'll show you the future of creativity and design, with major new innovations across the world’s best creative desktop and mobile apps.

Recorded Class Sessions - so far, there are about 40 recorded sessions posted, with more to come, so bookmark the page for future reference. Classes are divided into 6 tracks, including Creative Careers, Graphic Design & Illustration, Photography & Creative Imaging, Video, and Web & App Design.

Free Online Events
Yes, free info and training on various types of Adobe software. There are literally 100's of webinars. Yes, as in hundreds. Details

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Thinking about being a freelancer? Hmmm...
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October 18-20, 2017
Las Vegas

Three full days of sessions on Photoshop, Lightroom, lots of photography, design, HDR... the list is endless. Plus extra pre-con sessions on the 10th. Details

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